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Smart Sock 3 Extension Pack


Enjoy continued peace of mind from your Smart Sock 3. 

Our Extension Pack allows you to continue tracking your child’s heart rate, oxygen level, and sleep trends up to 5 years of age. The included toddler-sized fabric sock works with your existing Sock 3 sensor, and our optimized technology continues to provide accurate readings as your child grows, between 13,5 to 25 kgs.

Continue to monitor your child through every milestone—from teething to toothfairy.

What’s Included:Two toddler-sized socks, for left and right feet (13,5 kgs to 25 kgs)

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  • What is the Owlet Extension Pack?
  • The Owlet Extension Pack is a pair of larger fabric socks designed to use with the Owlet Smart Sock 3. The Extension Pack enables you to track your child’s heart rate, oxygen levels and sleep patterns longer! With the Extension Pack, you can now enjoy using your Owlet Smart Sock until your child is 5 years old or 25 kg!
  • Which age group is the Owlet Extension Pack designed for?
  • The Owlet Extension Pack is designed to fit children up to 5 years old or 25 kg.
  • Can my baby wear footie pajamas, a swaddle or a sock with the Owlet Smart Sock Extension Pack?
  • Yes! The Owlet Smart Sock is low profile and fits under a regular sock, footie pajamas, or in a swaddle. Make sure the Smart Sock is in direct contact with your baby’s foot and properly placed.
  • Where can I learn more?
  • For more information, please visit our Help Center FAQ Page.